Welcome to O’Keeffe Orthodontics

All images used in this website are those of patients of Dr. O’Keeffe and we wish to thank all our wonderful patients who consented and cooperated so well during their treatments in the pursuit of excellent results and smiles.

O’Keeffe Orthodontics, providing the best of orthodontic care to children and adults in the South–East for the past 20 years. Our practice specializes in discreet orthodontics using lingual braces and utilizes the most advanced diagnostic and treatment techniques available today.

We also provide continuous follow up and post treatment review for all our patients which is of huge benefit to you if you undertake treatment in this practice.


Types of Braces

Hidden or Lingual Braces are our speciality. You will find more information here.



Please browse through what some of our patients and colleagues said about us here.


Treatment Options

Our goal is to offer you the appropriate treatment to optimise your smile now and for the future