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The i-CAT ®FLX is an imaging device that produces any and all required images for diagnosing the maxillofacial region – from the smallest specialized cases to images of the entire skull.

This highly advanced x-ray machine uses the QuickScan+ which is an ultra low dose scan and studies have shown that this low dose scan exposes patients to a less effective dose than the combined doses of modern 2D digital panoramic and cephalometric radiographs.

This machine allows us to compile a vast amount of detailed anatomical information at a very low patient dose, something we are proud to offer our patients.

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3Shape TRIOS®

The 3Shape TRIOS® is an intra-oral 3D scanner that enables the orthodontist to take a 3D digital scan of the patient’s teeth and bite, make adjustments in real time, and transmit the file for processing.

Before, with traditional impressions and plaster models, this process was impossible.

Now, with a 3D model of a patient’s teeth and bite, the orthodontist can manipulate the teeth in computer software and apply gradual changes to the model.

This helps guide treatment and makes the treatment information easy to understand for the patient or parent.

This scan can easily be converted into an STL which are used for the manufacture of braces such as WIN lingual braces and Invisalign clear aligners.

The Formlabs 3D Printer

The Formlabs 3D printer we have in office is a 3D printer that allows us to take the model produced by the 3Shape TRIOS® scanner and print an exact plastic replica of a patient’s teeth.

The printer can print an exact (within .25 microns) replica of a patient’s teeth and therefore the orthodontist can use that printed model as if it were the patient’s actual teeth to plan the case incredibly accurately.

We are only able to do this because the printer has the capability to print an exact replica of a patient’s teeth.

The orthodontist can also apply braces to the 3D printed model and find the ideal spacing of brackets and length of wires,  for any given patient, before the patient arrives for their appointment.

Appointment times are shorter, treatment is faster, and our office does not have to outsource any medical information regarding the patient.

The Formlabs 3D Printer OKeeffe Orthodontics

What are the advantages of 3D scanning

  • Visualization
    3D scanning allows us to provide a virtual tour of what your case will look like at completion. This gives the patient a much better understanding of their treatment plan.
  • Accuracy
    The Trios 3Shape 3D scanning system is precise resulting in better fitting braces.
  • Comfort
    Gone are the days of needing to subject patients to goopy impressions with alginate.
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First, your comfort! Patients no longer have to endure the gooey mess that is required when impressions of teeth are taken. You simply get to sit back and relax while the ergonomically designed scanning wand is placed in your mouth and a 3D image is generated.

The technology is so precise that often times this leads to more successful orthodontic cases and outcomes because the 3D rendering of your teeth is very accurate allowing for well fitting braces throughout your orthodontic treatment plan.

Also patients love that they don’t need to take multiple impressions with the tacky alginate impression material.

One of the wonderful features of 3D scanning technology is that you get to see what your smile will look like at the end of the Invisalign treatment plan. This is truly a great feature of the system and is one of the reasons why we invested in the technology for our patients. It allows us to help you better visualize the results at the outset of treatment and gives you that much more reason to work with the Invisalign system.

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