“Dr. Con and his team made space for my teeth to come down correctly and I’m delighted to have a lovely smile. I’m extremely grateful and I would highly recommend Dr. Con and his team. They are extremely professional and there is a lovely homely atmosphere here”


“It really did boost my self-confidence. Dr. O’Keeffe and his team really were a pleasure to work with”


“Dr. O’Keeffe and the lads were so helpful. I’d just like to thank them, they were absolutely super”


“Now I feel a lot more confident. I’m well able to walk into a room full of strangers and talk, and be at ease. I’m just extremely pleased with the results”

Alicia, Sean & Max

“I got mine a bit after Sean. I saw how much was happening with his teeth and that he was happy with it so I thought I’d be fine as well. They are nice, they’re nice and comfortable” Max


“Once I was finished, I was so happy with the results that my brothers and sisters all ended up coming here. I couldn’t recommend it enough”


“Dr. O’Keeffe gave me a solution where I had braces on the inside of my teeth, they weren’t visible from the outside at all. I felt very comfortable with them. The result now is brilliant. I’m very very happy with the result and all of Dr. O’Keeffe’s work”

Robert Frost, Dental Surgeon

“Always happy to refer my patients here including my own children in the knowledge that the right decision will be made, and they will be treated with the utmost care”

Dr Gus Papathomas, Williamstown Dental Centre

“As a dentist, I have referred my patients to Con O’Keeffe for nearly 25 years. I have also had my own orthodontic treatment, along with that of my children, under the excellent care of Con and his team. His attention to detail, enthusiasm for professional development and quality of care he offers are exceptional.”

Dr Dermot Crowley, Ardkeen Dental Surgery

“As a general dental practitioner in Waterford I have dealt with Con O’ Keeffe for the past twenty three years.
In all that time as a referring dentist, a patient myself and a parent of patients, I have been most impressed by the professionalism and the excellent treatment offered by Dr.O’Keeffe.”

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