Fixed Metal Appliances/Train Track Braces at O’Keeffe Orthodontics

Fixed metal braces (tracks) are made from stainless steel brackets and are bonded to the teeth using a composite adhesive.

These braces are usually fitted over two appointments. The first, where the front brackets and rubber separators are placed and on the second, where the bands and wires are placed. These may be on the same day, or a few days later, depending on what’s convenient for you.

Fitting the braces is usually painless, but the teeth will be a little tender after. Mild painkillers and wax, which we supply at our office, should get you over the initial discomfort.

Young Girl Fixed Metal Braces

Detailed written and verbal instructions will be given to you on the day your appliances are fitted. Train tracks are usually worn by children and can be dressed up with different colours for fun.

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